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Image of Philosophies (Digital)

Philosophies (Digital)

*This magazine is now sold out in print and only available digitally.

Some philosophies just change it all. From Catenaccio, Zona Mista and Positions of Maximum Opportunity to Totaalvoetbal, Garra CharrĂșa and O Jogo Bonito, join our experts for a breakdown of how football, often through society and culture, became what it is today.

Featuring profiles on Brian Clough, Marcello Lippi and Marcelo Bielsa, as well as in-depth explorations on what mentality, science and pragmatism really mean, this magazine is your timeless bible for all things formations, tactics and philosophies.


O Jogo Bonito
Garra CharrĂșa
What is Mentality?
Zona Mista
Marcelo Bielsa
La Nuestra
Positions of Maximum Opportunity
How the Libero changed football forever
Marcello Lippi and Brian Clough: two worlds, one identity
Soviet Science

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Image of Philosophies (Digital)
Image of Philosophies (Digital)
Image of Philosophies (Digital)
Image of Philosophies (Digital)