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Image of Philosophies
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Some philosophies just change it all. From Catenaccio, Zona Mista and Positions of Maximum Opportunity to Totaalvoetbal, Garra Charrúa and O Jogo Bonito, join our experts for a breakdown of how football, often through society and culture, became what it is today.

Featuring profiles on Brian Clough, Marcello Lippi and Marcelo Bielsa, as well as in-depth explorations on what mentality, science and pragmatism really mean, this magazine is your timeless print bible for all things formations, tactics and philosophies.


O Jogo Bonito
Garra Charrúa
What is Mentality?
Zona Mista
Marcelo Bielsa
La Nuestra
Positions of Maximum Opportunity
How the Libero changed football forever
Marcello Lippi and Brian Clough: two worlds, one identity
Soviet Science

Image of Philosophies
Image of Philosophies
Image of Philosophies
Image of Philosophies